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Delete Users: Via CSV File


This article will show you how to delete users via the CSV file upload process. This allows you to remove certain users during mass uploads.


Important Note

Please note that when saving this CSV file it is important to be sure the F column cell format is set to Text. Otherwise, the five 0's will not be saved correctly, and when the system processes the file it will only see one 0 and fail.

To Delete Users

Input the following code into the Group ID column:

Group ID = 00000


The user will be completely removed from the CivicReady database.


To Remove User from All Groups

Input the following code in the Group ID column: 

Group ID = 00001


  • Note: The above method can also be used to change a user's group membership by entering 00001 as the first Group ID (thereby removing them from all groups), followed by a semi-colon and the Group ID(s) the user is going to be a member of.  Please review the below example of a .csv format to change group membership.


To Remove a User from Specific Groups

Input the following code in the Group ID column: 

Group ID = 00002


  • Note: To remove users from one specific group and move them in another group requires that admins input the relevant group ID(s) after the above code (i.e. 00002 GROUPID)
  • Note: To remove a user from one group the input would be GROUPID1|00002. To remove users from multiple groups, the entry would be GROUPID1|00002;GROUPID2|00002;GROUPID3|00002.


Removing Database ID and Username


This also works for removing Database ID and Username. In this case, there is no need to have users' email addresses or any other information.

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