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As the world grapples with making decisions about coronavirus (COVID-19) mitigation and containment, we understand that local leaders need access to every possible communication channel to distribute news, information, instructions, and closings to citizens and travelers as the situation rapidly evolves.

Below you will find a Quick Reference Guide which includes videos and links to Help topics so you can get started using CivicReady immediately, getting your citizens the information they need.

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You can either watch a short 30-minute video giving you an overview of how to get started with CivicReady, or jump right to a specific topic below to get started.

Logging In

Group Creation

Please create all the groups you would like to have on your CivicReady Network, there is no limit to the number of groups you may have. We do recommend that you create a test group if you have not done so already. Please keep the name of the group limited to 50 characters or less.

Group Management

Adding Members to your Emergency Group

Remember, your system has come pre-loaded with a list of your citizens’ contact information so you can start using it immediately. Use the below instructions if you have the need to add more members.

How to add members manually:

Manage Users

Create and Send a Post

View Reports

Marketing Materials

Learn More


If you continue to have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Support.

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