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There are different reasons that a text message will result in an error. CivicReady will identify unreachable numbers such as landlines or others that are not connected to the SMS Enterprise Ecosystem (such as OTT numbers), and blacklist them from receiving communication through SMS message. 

  • Please note that this may also apply to some numbers outside of the US, including Canadian numbers.


Important Note

  • Phones using a WiFi service should still receive text (SMS) messages.


Common Invalid Phone Number Codes

  • DB99 - Unknown MSISDN or ported number
  • 4503 - Aggregator Platform hasn't found any operator associated to this MSISDN
  • 4524 - The end-user has requested not to be sent any SMS
  • 4525 - Trashed Messages on customer request
  • blacklisted - blacklisted


View List of Invalid Numbers

  1. Navigate to Groups

  2. Select SMS Incapable

  3. View the phone numbers
    • Note: You have the ability to remove it from the list by clicking the three dots > Remove.

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