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Geo-Fencing was build to work primarily with the AlertMe Mobile App.

Geo-Fencing monitors an AlertMe user's location and notifies them based on user preferences. It is a separate post type that allows users to leverage the location services of network recipients to notify users when they enter or leave a designated geographic area.

The Geo-Fencing Report monitors active users inside a Geo-Fence, total users entered and exited, and total users messages. It will also display the status (active, expired, canceled) of Geo-Fencing Posts. Administrators can view reports on each message sent to each user by event.


  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select Geofencing Posts on the left-hand side
  3. Select the specific Post that you want to view the report for
    • Status: View Active, Expired, or Cancelled status per post
  4. View the report
    • Inside/Entered/Exited: View users inside, entered, or exited
    • Total Members Messaged: View how many users were messaged
    • Geofence Activity Log: View activities (entering, exiting, etc)
    • Summary - [Method]: View post sending statistics by method (Call, Text, Email, etc)
      • Download CSV: Download the report for a specific method

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