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Geofencing was built to work primarily with the AlertMe Mobile App.

Geofencing monitors an AlertMe user's location and notifies them based on user preferences. It is a separate post type that allows users to leverage the location services of network recipients to notify users when they enter or leave a designated geographic area.

The Geofencing Report monitors active users inside a Geofence, total users entered and exited, and total users messages. It will also display the status (active, expired, canceled) of Geofencing Posts. Administrators can view reports on each message sent to each user by event.


  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select Geofencing Posts on the left-hand side
  3. Select the specific Post that you want to view the report for
    • Status: View Active, Expired, or Cancelled status per post
  4. View the report
    • Inside/Entered/Exited: View users inside, entered, or exited
    • Total Members Messaged: View how many users were messaged
    • Geofence Activity Log: View activities (entering, exiting, etc)
    • Summary - [Method]: View post sending statistics by method (Call, Text, Email, etc)
      • Download CSV: Download the report for a specific method

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