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Geo-Fencing monitors an AlertMe user's location and notifies them based on user preferences. It is a separate post type that allows users to leverage the location services of network recipients to notify users when they enter or leave a designated geographic area.

This article will show you how to create a New Post with Geo-Fencing.


Important Notes

  • A user creating a GeoFence will have access to participating AlertMe Users(device location) as well as CivicReady users with saved addresses.
  • Senders can customize entry and exit messages for users entering/exiting the targeted geo-location.
  • Users inside upon activation can be notified as well. Senders can set the duration of the Geo-Fence in minutes, hours, and days.
  • You can update GeoFences during an event.
  • A user can create a GeoFencing post and notify users via the following methods: Email, Text/SMS, Call (TTS,) AlertMe (PN).



  1. Navigate to New Post > New Geofencing Post

  2. Choose Post Method(s) 
    • Email: Will send an email
    • Text/SMS: Will send a text message
    • Call (TTS (text-to-voice)/Voice): Will send a pre-recorded call
    • AlertMe App (Push): Automatically selected

  3. Add Recipients information
    • Send to all members in Network: Choose to send your message to all members within your Network
    • Select Regroup Locations: (Optional) Choose a location
    • Groups: (Optional) Choose group(s)
      • Note: You can click Select All to send to all groups.
      • Note: You must either choose a Location or Groups.
    • Select your Geofencing region from map: Click Choose
      • Radius: Generate a [ ] mile radius around a point
      • Circle: Draw your circle to determine the area
      • Clear Map: Clear your map and start over
      • Toggle Layers: Choose how to display the map
      • Save: Click Save to confirm your area and return to the New Post screen
    • Send to members with addresses in map: Choose to send to all members with addresses within your map
    • Duration for geo-fence monitoring: Choose how many days/minutes/hours to monitor
    • Send messages upon following events: Choose how and when to send messages (upon entering, upon leaving, or both)
    • Send "Enter Message" to members already inside geo-fence when activated: Click to activate the "Enter Message"

  4. Add Compose Message information
    • Enter / Exit Message: Create a message for one or both, depending on how you want to send messages
    • Subject: Create a subject heading
    • Body: Add your message
      • Same as Email Message: Click to automatically fill the Text (Push) Message with the same content as your Body email message.
    • Text (Push Message): Create your SMS message

  5. Click Post

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