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The AlertMe Mobile App enables you to manage their notification settings and communicate better than ever before. With the AlertMe Mobile App, you will maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s mass communication capabilities.

The AlertMe app is available as a free download on both the Google Play Store and Apple's iTunes platforms. After the application downloads and installs, you can then log in with your CivicReady credentials to access all the aspects of the AlertMe feature.


In-App Features

  • Alerts Tab: Track all of your current/recent Posts (such as alerts, notifications, messages)
  • Profile Tab: Update your profile from the app (edit, add new info, remove info)
  • Groups Tab: Join public groups, request to join private groups, and leave groups 
  • Settings Tab: Manage notification preferences and disable/enable location services

Sign Up Methods

  • Self-register with a network registration code from the app
  • Use an existing CivicReady password to sign in to AlertMe
  • SSO support for all types

Push Notifications

  • Receive push notifications if it is enabled in the Settings tab

Geo-Fencing Compatibility

  • Must enable location services in the Settings tab to receive geo-fence posts
  • Receive messages upon entering/exiting a geo-fenced area (works with GeoFencing Feature)
  • View an indicator icon on geo-fencing posts to know which one it is

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