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The Groups page is where Members are organized into their appropriate messaging groups. Users are able to create as many groups as they need and can categorize their groups based on any number of unique criteria. 





  • All Groups: Displays all messaging groups associated with the organization's CivicReady network
  • My Groups: Displays all groups the currently logged-in user belongs to, along with a running tally of all other members in that group, as well as other metrics
  • Pending Groups: Displays groups that other users have requested but have not yet been approved



  • All Members: Displays all subscribed message recipients associated with the organization's CivicReady network
  • Group Unsubscribers: Members who have opted out of any Group's messaging list
  • Network Unsubscribers: Members who opt-out of the organization's messaging network entirely
  • Invalid Emails: Members whose email addresses have been found to be invalid or incorrect
    • Note: Specific reasons for email rejection or refusal can be viewed on the Reports page.
  • SMS Incapable: Lists members who are unable to receive text messages via SMS on their devices

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