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Reverse Playback for Text-to-Speech Calls

Who can use this feature?

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Reverse Playback allows message recipients to call back the Regroup number to listen to the notification. Any notification sent out from the +1 (866) 665-4386 Regroup number will automatically enable this function for employees, students, patients, or whoever the message recipient is.

Recipients can use this function to either listen to a notification again or to listen to a notification if they missed the Regroup call.


Important Note

You can set up the Reverse Playback caller ID as your Default Caller ID. Depending on the outcome, a client could choose either of the Caller IDs provided. One will play a static message stating they may have received a call from CivicReady while the other will play the latest message sent to the end user.



  1. Create a New Post

  2. Ensure that you select the Call (TTS/Voice) post method

  3. Under Sender, ensure that your Caller ID is +1 (866) 665-4386 

  4. Create the rest of your post as usual

Now, if an end user misses your call, they can call back the Caller ID to hear the last notification sent to them.

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