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Voice Calls


Default Caller ID


CivicReady provides a default caller ID that you can use. During implementation, we will set the caller ID as a default. You can update or change this as desired. If the number is called back, there is a message that plays to announce the end user may have received a call from CivicReady because their local municipality or county had news about inclement weather, emergency or routine circumstances. The end user should contact their locality for further information if needed.

CivicReady Default Caller ID: 1 (866) 628-6559


Important Note

You can set up the Reverse Playback caller ID as your Default Caller ID. Depending on the outcome, a client could choose either of the Caller IDs provided. One will play a static message stating they may have received a call from CivicReady while the other will play the latest message sent to the end user.

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