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Import Mapping Layers


Up to 5 client-provided mapping layers can be imported to our ESRI mapping tool with a Support request.

The map file needs to be in a .ZIP format containing extensions such as .shp.sbx, or .shx.

An unlimited amount of mapping templates can be created by the client within the user interface.


Shape Files

  • Single, continuous boundary shape files can be converted into a single selectable map template
    • For shape files with multiple polygons this has been worked around by:
      • Having the GIS department draw a tiny connector between shapes for a specific location’s boundary and resubmitting the modified shape file for a single community to be converted into a map template
      • Having each of the polygons in the multi-polygon shape submitted as separate shape files and converted into separate numbered map templates
        • This requires creating a post for each of the selected map templates, as no more than one map template can be selected at a time
  • Only one map template or drawn polygon can be selected per message sent

Required Information

  • Each shape file to convert into a map template needs to be a single shape
    • Shapes can have holes within them but cannot have islands
  • Each shape file provided needs:
    • 3 required files .shp, .shx and .dbf.
    • Optional files that can make up a shapefile are: .xml, .prj, .sbn, and .sbx.
    • Supported coordinates are EPSG:4326.
      • Conversion of the shapefiles into a GeoJSON file in the supported coordinates is appreciated, but not required

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