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Edit a User's Contact Details in a Group

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This article will show admins how to edit user contact details in specific groups.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select a group
  3. Select Group Members
  4. Select the user you want to edit
  5. Click Edit
  6. Edit user information
    • First Name, Last Name: Edit the first and last name of the user
    • Primary Email Address: Shows the main email address for the user
      • Send Email Here: Select to indicate to send emails to this address
      • Confirmed: Select to indicate the email address as valid and working
      • Invalid Email: Select to indicate a non-working or confirmed email address
      • Add Another Email Address: Click to add another email address
    • Phone Number: Shows main phone number, type, and country
      • Voice, Text: Select to send voice alerts and/or text (SMS) alerts to this phone number
      • SMS Incapable: Select to indicate the phone number as incapable of SMS
      • I allow Regroup to send me voice and text messages: Select to indicate that the user allows SMS and voice alerts
      • Unsubscribed from SMS: Select to indicate that the user has unsubscribed from SMS messages
      • Unsubscribed from SMS Alerts: Select to indicate that the user has unsubscribed from SMS alerts
      • Add new Phone Number: Click to add another phone number
    • Address: Edit address details (Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Country)
      • This is a business address: Select to indicate the address as a business
      • Add new User Address: Click to add another address
    • Customizable User Fields: Answer customized user fields, will vary from site to site
    • Database ID: Add the ID
    • Locations: Add locations
    • Network Preference or Select Language: Choose to stay with the network default language or select a specific language
    • This is a business profile: Click to indicate the user as a business profile
    • Posts: View posts created by this user
    • Groups: View groups that this user is in
      • Add to Group: Click to add the user to another group
  7. Scroll to the top and select Save

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