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CivicReady allows you to designate a user as Network Administrator.

Network Administrators have the following rights:

  • Configure the Network
  • View Reporting
  • Create and Manage Groups
  • Create and Manage Locations
  • Manage Members of the Network
  • Assign Admin rights to Users
  • Ability to Post a Message to any/all Groups
  • Download User Reports
  • Download Group Lists
  • Receive .csv Processing Reports
  • Receive user telephone number change report
  • Approve Groups
  • Approve Members
  • Approve Messages

You can assign Network Admin permission level two ways: via the Network Settings page or via the CSV file upload. This article will show you how to format your CSV file. Please view our article Add/Invite Users: Via CSV File to see how to upload a CSV file into a group.

CSV Format

In order to set specific permissions for a Group Member, you will need to use the following CSV format and enter the "Group ID#", a "Pipe Sign |" and a "number" in the "Group ID#" column.

There are 4 Pipe Signs that represent a specific Administrative privilege level:

  • |1  is Full Group Administrator
  • |2  is Network Administrator
  • |3  is Limited Group Administrator
  • |4  is Authorized Sender

An example of assigning a Network Admin is below in a .CSV format. Column "F" is the"Group ID#" column.

Line 2: Group ID# | 2 = 166235 | 2  -- > Network Administrator


Note: 1, 3, and 4 are reserved for Group Administrator Permission Levels (omitted in this page). For more information on how to assign a Group Admin level please view our permissions article.

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