IPAWS Overview

IPAWS: Integrated Public Alert & Warning System

Through the Department of Homeland Security, the US government created a public alert and warning system that state and local government authorities can use to notify the public of critical events.

IPAWS is simply a notification dissemination tool that allows authorized users to connect to the IPAWS cloud messaging system to send notifications to TV/radio, cell phones, and other supported devices during a critical event.

CivicReady is an IPAWS originator, which means that IPAWS does not have a native interface to send out notifications and you can only access via an IPAWS compliant CAP Alert Origination software sold by companies like CivicReady.

State/local governments, counties, tribes, territories, and even agencies at the federal level can request authorization to send messages to the IPAWS cloud. Once IPAWS receives the message, it sends it out to various outlets, including the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA).

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