Event Codes


Below is a list of Event Codes. You will need these when you send IPAWS messages. 


FCC Approved Event Codes

Emergency Action Notification  EAN  Emergency Action Termination  EAT 
National Information Center  NIC  National Periodic Test  NPT 
Required Monthly Test  RMT  Required Weekly Test  RWT 
Tornado Watch  TOA  Tornado Warning  TOR 
Severe Thunderstorm Watch  SVA  Severe Thunderstorm Warning  SVR 
Severe Weather Statement  SVS  Special Weather Statement  SPS 
Flash Flood Watch  FFA  Flash Flood Warning  FFW 
Flash Flood Statement FFS  Flood Watch  FLA 
Flood Warning  FLW  Flood Statement  FLS 
Winter Storm Watch  WSA  Winter Storm Warning  WSW 
Blizzard Warning  BZW  High Wind Watch  HWA 
High Wind Warning  HWW  Evacuation Immediate  EVI 
Civil Emergency Message  CEM  Practice/Demo Warning  DMO 
Hurricane Statement  HLS  Hurricane Watch  HUA 
Administrative Message  ADR  Hurricane Warning  HUW 
Child Abduction Emergency  CAE  Civil Danger Warning  CDW 
Earthquake Warning  EQW  Fire Warning  FRW 
Hazardous Materials Warning  HMW  Law Enforcement Warning  LEW 
Local Area Emergency  LAE  911 Telephone Outage Emergency  TOE 
Radiological Hazard Warning RHW  Shelter in Place Warning  SPW 



Use the attached resource if you want a downloadable version of this table.

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