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This article is a quick guide to the details of your Profile. You can find more specific instructions linked to this article as well.

Navigation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Profile Icon > My Profile
  2. View your Profile details

Profile Details


  • Personal Info
    • Profile Picture: Choose and upload a personal profile picture
    • First name, Last name: Edit your first and last name
  • Email Addresses
    • Primary Email Address: Lists your main email address
    • Send Email Here: Check this box to send emails to the primary email address
    • Add another email addressChoose to add more email addresses
  • Phone Numbers
    • Country: Lists country of your primary phone number
    • Primary Phone Number: Lists your main (primary) phone number
    • Type: Indicates the type of primary phone
    • Trashcan: Click this button to delete the listed phone number
    • Voice: Indicates that the phone number receives voice messages
    • Text: Indicates that the phone number receives text/SMS messages
    • I allow Regroup to send me voice and text messages (Standard rates apply): Click this box to allow CivicReady to send messages to that phone number
    • Add new phone number: Choose to add more phone numbers
  • Addresses
    • Primary Address Line: Lists your primary address
    • Trashcan: Click this icon to remove the primary address
    • City, State, Zip, Country: Lists postage information of primary address
    • This is a business address: Click this box to indicate the primary address as a business
    • Add new user address: Choose to add more addresses
  • Password - Reset password: Click this link to choose a different password
  • User Names - User Name: Enter and/or edit your User Name
  • Preferences
    • This is a business profile: Select this box to indicate your profile as a business
    • Message Language: Choose to set your language as the Network Preference (default) or select your own language preference
  • Custom Options: Vary by profile and network
  • Save Options
    • Delete my account: Click to delete your account from the network
    • Cancel: Do not save changes
    • Save: Save changes

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