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Register Users Without an Email Address Web Embed


CivicReady allows users to navigate to a web embed to register to CivicReady with only their telephone number, email address not necessary.

Embed: https://codedname.regroup.com/networks/codedname/embed_login_register_no_email

  • Note: Change codedname to your organization codedname.

Once the user registers, they will receive a text with a registration code. They must reply to the text with the registration code to complete registration. 


Important Note

  • The same telephone number can be registered multiple times, for different users.


  1. Copy the URL and replace codedname appropriately.
    • Note: You will replace codedname with your community name. This is located in your URL, right before .CivicReady.com.
    • Example: https://civicplus.CivicReady.com
  2. Use embed or iframe HTML to place the link onto your desired location



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