Group Management


Set Group Administrator Privileges


CivicReady allows you to set different privilege levels for a group administrator.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select a group
  3. Navigate to Group Members on the left-hand side
  4. Hover over the Actions menu next to the desired user
  5. Click and select permission level

Instructions via CSV

In addition, each of these permissions can be set by uploading a CSV file to the group through the Add/Invite Member area (or using the SFTP access for Database Integration Clients).

In order to set specific permissions for a Group Member you will need to use the following CSV format and enter the "Group ID#" and a "Pipe Sign |" and a "number" in the "Group ID#" column:

  • |1  is Full Group Administrator
  • |3  is Limited Group Administrator
  • |4  is Authorized Sender

(An example of assigning the group permission levels is below in a .CSV format. Column "F" is the "Group ID#" column.

  • Line 1: Group ID# | 1 = 166345 | 1  -- > Full Group Administrator
  • Line 3: Group ID# | 3 = 166346 | 3  -- > Limited Group Administrator
  • Line 4: Group ID# | 4 = 166349 | 4  -- > Authorized Sender


Note: 2 is reserved for the Network Admin Permission Level (omitted in this page). For more information on how to assign a Network Admin please view our article.

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