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There are five tabs in the Network Settings User Profile option:



  • Network Settings
    • Name of Network: Edit Network Name
    • Description: Provide a brief description/purpose of the network
    • Time Zone: Select a primary time zone for the network
    • Group Approval: Select Open Groups (anyone can make a group) or Group Approval (required Admin approval)
    • Enable Location: Allows Network Administrators to import all users into one network and distribute them among the sub-networks without having a separate import process for each location
  • Display Settings
    • Logo: Select a logo
    • Custom Colors: Customize color settings for the main bar
    • Logout URL: Provide a link for user log-out
  • Language Preferences
    • Language: Select a default language
    • Switch Language: Allow members to switch the display language
    • Post Translation: Allow messages to automatically translate 
  • Additional Preferences: Add new additional custom fields for users
  • Registration Code: Enter a registration code



  • Caller Name: Edit caller ID name
  • Unsubscribe: Allow users to unsubscribe from the network
  • Allow user to delete account: Let users delete their own account
  • Default groups: Mark default groups
  • Edit Primary Email: Allow users to change their primary email address
  • Send Email: Do not send email to secondary emails



Social Media


  • Facebook
    • Connect to Facebook: Connect your Facebook account to your site
    • Post Style: Select a post style
  • Twitter
    • Connect to Twitter: Connect your Twitter account to your site
    • Post Style: Select a post style

API Settings


  • API Access: Permit specific IP address to access the API

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