User Format for Dynamic SMS/TTS


  1. Enable Dynamic Fields for TTS & SMS
  2. Click New Post
  3. User must select the Text to Speech OR Text/SMS option
  4. Select the Dynamic SMS/TTS option
  5. A file select box (Browse) to upload the CSV file with dynamic fields will display
    • The first header of CSV file must be any one of the following, the rest of dynamic fields can be in any order.:
      • Email
      • UserID
      • databaseID 
    • So the format must be similar to:
      • email, field1, field3, field4, field2
        userID, field1, field3, field4, field2
        databaseID, field1, field3, field4, field2
  6. After CSV file upload, enter the body of the message in a specific format so that the dynamic field can replace in the given message/text
    • The message should look similar to:
      • [FullName], you have a court appearance at [Date] if you do not appear you will be put under arrest." Here is your Case ID [CaseID] and please report to [Officer].
      • Note: The field name inside the "[ ]" must be added in the CSV file with the case sensitive, otherwise the value in the message will not be replaced.
  7. Select your type of Call: Text to Speech or Recorded Message
    • Text to Speech: Automated voice reads the message
    • Recorded Message: Upload an audio file from your computer that will send to the user
  8. Click Post

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