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This article will show you how to navigate through your group's Email and Custom Email Settings.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select a group
  3. Click Settings
  4. Expand Custom Email Options
  5. Navigate through Custom settings:
    • To and From: Set up a custom To/From name and email address in order to whitehat, or make it appear the email sends directly from your servers
      • Note: In order to make this functionality work you will need to set up some type of email box on your servers, that does not need to be monitored, but the email address should be donotreply@orgdomain.
    • Reply To
      • Replies are sent to the whole group: All replies send to all the members of a group
      • Replies are sent to the author of the message: All replies send to the original sender
      • Leave Reply-To Blank: No option to reply
      • Use a custom reply-to email address: Specify a different email address
    • Email Restrictions
      • Restricted email in access: Allows users who are in the CivicReady database to email into groups based on the group's privacy settings
      • Unrestricted email in access: Allows users who are not in the CivicReady database to email into public groups freely with the exception of announcement only groups
        • Note: For email-in posts to require administrator approval check Require all posts to be approved by an admin in Group Settings
      • Disable this feature: Disables the ability to email into the group via the group email address
    • Subject Prefix 
      • Do not use a prefix: Attach no prefix
      • Use the default prefix: Attach the default prefix
      • Use a custom prefix: Attach a custom prefix
    • Footer
      • Use the default footer: Attach the default footer
      • Do not use a footer: Attach no footer
      • Use a custom footer: Attach a custom footer
    • Email Digest: Select to subscribe members to an email digest; select the frequency of the digest
    • Email List: Choose to archive an external mailing list
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page

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