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You are able to join a group via text to a keyword or group ID without an associated email address. Our system assigns the texter an arbitrary email address.

For more information, please refer to our article Use a Keyword to Join a Group.

Operational Codes

When Groups have Text to Join functionality, members can send the following short codes to interact with it:

  • JOIN: When combined with the Group keyword, this command will add to the user and enable them to receive SMS messages only.
  • VOICE: Replying with this command to a confirmation message will give the user the ability to receive Voice messages.
  • STOP: When this command is issued by itself, the user will no longer receive SMS or Voice messages from the Regroup network. When combined with the Group keyword, the Member will stop receiving SMS and Voice from that Group only.
  • RESUME: This command, when combined with the Group keyword, will enable the user to begin receiving SMS and Voice messages from the Group again.
  • START: Issuing this text command will allow the user to begin receiving SMS messages from the network.
  • LEAVE: When combined with the Group keyword, this command will remove the user from the associated Group, and they will no longer receive any messages.
  • UNSUBSCRIBE: When sent by itself, this SMS command will remove a contact from the Regroup system completely. When combined with the Network Code name, the contact will only be removed from that network.

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