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Group Administrators Overview


Group Administrators are a powerful way to broadcast messages to users and manage groups in your network. They differ from Network Admins in that they only have control over the group(s) they are an admin of and cannot access the network settings. 

Being a Group Admin allows you to:

  • Send messages out only to the group(s) you are an admin of
  • Edit group settings
  • Add/remove group members
  • Moderate the group if it is a forum-style group
  • Remove the group
  • Have full control of the group with no access to any network options

Group admins are useful because they:

  • Allow a user to send out a message without access to network settings
  • Give professors the ability to moderate a discussion group with students
  • Designate control of a group to someone other than a network admin
  • Allow individual members to manage their own groups


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