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Custom Field User Import Tool - Add Users to a Group


This tool has the ability to populate groups based on custom fields information that the client has previously uploaded to a members profile. This is not an import tool to add users to the system. This is a tool to use to manually populate a group using custom field data that clients have populated the membership profiles with.

 This will not add contacts to the system. It will only import active members into a specific group.

You would go manually to the group and set up the filters and run them each time you need that group updated.

Note: CivicReady must activate this option on your network. 


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select a group
  3. Navigate to Custom Fields Users Filter on the left-hand side
  4. Custom Fields Users Filter page will display
    • Note: You can not sort by the same custom field more than once in a filter.
    • Note: You must click the red button at the bottom for the system to run the filter.
  5. Use the Master Group(s) drop-down to select an existing group or groups
  6. Click Add New to add a filter
  7. Select filter options:
    • Custom Field: Select an existing custom field
    • Equal To: Select a level of justification
    • Custom Field Value: Select a custom field value
    • X: Click to delete filter options
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to add more filters
  9. Click Save


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