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Custom Field User Import Tool - Add Users to a Group

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This tool has the ability to populate groups based on custom fields information that the client has previously uploaded to a member's profile. This is a tool to manually populate a group via custom field data that clients use to populate membership profiles.

This will not add contacts to the system. It will only import active members into a specific group.

You will manually go to the group and set up the filters and run them each time you need that group updated.

View our article Create Custom Fields in Your Network to view how to create new custom fields.


Important Notes

  • This is not an import tool to add users to the system.
  • CivicReady must activate this option on your network. 



  1. Navigate to Groups

  2. Select a group

  3. Navigate to Custom Fields Users Filter on the left-hand side

  4. Use the Master Group(s) drop-down to select an existing group or groups

  5. Click Add New to add a filter
    • Note: You can not sort by the same custom field more than once in a filter.

  6. Select filter options
    • Custom Field: Select an existing custom field
    • Equal To: Select a level of justification
    • Custom Field Value: Select a custom field value
    • X: Click to delete filter options

  7. Repeat steps 6 & 7 to add more filters

  8. Click Save

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