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CivicReady User Permission Levels


There are four levels of administrative privileges and two user level privileges currently available.

Each of these levels allows specific permissions and actions in the system.

User Permissions

  Network Admin Full Group Limited Group Authorized Sender Advanced User Normal User

View Messages

(Public Group)

x x x x x x
View Groups x x x x x  
Post Notifications x x x x    

Edit Group Settings

x x        
Manage Group Users x x        
Approve Pending Topics x x  x      
Approve Pending Members x x  x      
Add Groups x  x        
Configure the Network x          
Manage Groups x          
Manage Network Users x          
View Reporting x  x* x*  x*     
Download Membership Reports x  x        
Receive CSV Processing Responses x          
Receiver User Telephone Number Change Report x          
Assign Group Admin Rights x x         
CSV/API Format  XXXXXX|2 XXXXXX|1 XXXXXX|3 XXXXXX|4 See Advanced User - Show All Groups XXXXXX|0

* Capacity to View Reporting it is limited to the groups that they have the permissions to post notifications to 


Location Administrator 

A location admin will have full and complete control of their assigned, specific location. 

A new admin must:  

  • Be a member of a group within the location
  • Be assigned the privilege

Moderated Groups

  • Full Group Admins will receive an email with the subject line Pending Topic to notify them of potential approvals. 
  • Network Admins will not receive this pending topic email. They will receive an email that notifies them of Full Group Admin approvals. 
  • Full and Limited Group Admins will receive messages about pending topics and pending members.

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