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An Advanced user is able to see all the groups on the network. Even the groups associated with a campus as well as private/secret groups. The Advanced User must still "Request Membership" for the private/secret groups to have access.


A Normal user associated with a campus will only be able to see the groups that are part of the campus, plus the groups that are not associated with a campus on the network. They will also need to "Request Membership" for private/secret groups that are part of the campus when Uploading a user via CSV or API. We allow you to set the rights of what groups and campuses the user can see. You are able to do this by setting "showAllGroups" function in the CSV/API to a 0 or 1.

  • 0: Only allows the user to see the groups that are associated with the campus or are not associated with any campuses.
  • 1: Allows the user to see all the groups on the network whether they are part of a campus or not.


firstName lastName email userID phone groupID databaseID address customField campusName showAllGroups
Mike Doe jdoe optional optional optional optional optional optional




Example: Mike,Doe,,jdoe,14151234567,XXXXXXX,mdoeDBId,123 Main St.|New York|NY|12345,custom field1|custom field2,southern campus,1







If a user already exists in the CivicReady system, you can change the rights of the user from Normal User to Advance User via the web. View our article Change Group Member User Rights for more information.

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