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CivicReady allows you to set up default settings at the group level.


  1. Navigate to Groups

  2. Select a group
  3. Click Settings

  4. Settings page will display; the following are recommended default settings:
    • Group Details
      • Location:
        • Active location: Assign the group to a location
        • No location: Group will be visible to all locations
      • Category (required)Assign a category to this location.
        • Note: Categories do not affect the general use of the group. It only affects which shortcode to use when a user sends a text message to the members of this specific group.
        • Note: The Emergency Alerts category will cause all messages sent to this group to transmit over either 58339 or 51664. All other categories transmit over 30890, which is a shared short code.
      • Description (required)Describe the type of messaging you want to use this group for
    • Group Settings
      • Group Type (required)
        • Announcements Only: Only Group or Network Administrators are able to post to this group type
        • Open Discussion: Any member of the group can post and respond to messages in the group
      • Require all posts to be approved by an admin (optional): Group Administrator must approve all posts to the group
      • Privacy (required)
        • Public: Group is visible to all members and admins. Members can see the group description, posts, and join without any permission required. Posts are displayed in any public web embeds
        • Private: Group is visible to all members and admins. Members of the network can see the group description but must ask to join the group and must be approved by a Group Admin to view and receive posts. Posts are not displayed in public web embeds.
        • Secret: Hidden to members (unless user is a Network Admin, Group Administrator to the group, or member of the group.) In general, members have to be added to the group by an Admin. Posts are not displayed in public web embeds.
      • Show NOAA Settings (optional): Includes NOAA Events, Counties, and Post Via
    • Members Settings
      • Any user who joins this network will also be put into this group (optional): Add all future network members to the group
      • Hide members list from all members (optional): Ensure that all non-administrators within this group will be unable to see the other users/members of this group
      • Do not allow members to unsubscribe from this group (optional): Does not allow the members of this group to be able to unsubscribe from emails from this group
    • RSS Settings - RSS Title (Optional)Controls the actual look of the RSS feed that generates for this group
      • Body is the recommended setting.
    • Email Settings
      • Send as TTS (optional): Messages will transmit as a Text to Speech message as well as email to the members of the group.
      • SMS/Text (optional)Messages will transmit as SMS/Text message as well as email to the members of the group.
      • Push Notification (optional)Messages will transmit as a push notification to the mobile app as well as email to the members of the group.
      • Facebook Post (optional)Messages will post on user/network/group connected Facebook profiles and pages wall
    • Custom Email Options
      • To (optional): Replace the To title of all emails sent to this group
      • From (optional) (recommended)Alter who the group email comes from
        • Note: You have the ability to show a From Name, such as Acme Employee's, and also an email that will show as the originating email like By default, if this section is not complete, the email name and address will be the group name
      • Reply To (optional) (recommended): Controls how members can reply to a group email
      • Email Restrictions (optional)Controls the "Email into Post" feature
        • Note: By default, a group, allows a group administrator to email-in a post from their email client (Outlook, Gmail). The system will receive the email and confirm that the original email address is associated with a group administrator. If so, it will post the message according to the setting in the above Email Setting section.
      • Subject Prefix (optional): Choose a type of prefix in the subject heading
        • Note: By default, the name of the group will append to the beginning of the subject line for any emails posted to this group. Many organizations choose to use "Do Not use a prefix" as they do not want the actual name of the group to appear. You also do have the ability to provide a custom prefix if desired.
      • Footer (optional) (recommended): Choose either "Do not use a Footer" or "Use a Custom Footer".
        • Do not use a Footer: Footer text will not appear
        • Use a Custom Footer: Modify the footer text
      • Email Digest (optional)Force all the members of the group to receive emails as a daily digest
        • Note: They would not receive the message as it posts but would receive a digest version of all emails to the group. A selection of "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly" is available.
      • Email List (optional)Allows you to send a copy of each message to an external email archive mailing list
    • Text Settings
      • Keyword (optional)Allows you to publish a specific word for individuals to use who would like to receive messages from this group
        • Note: Users who send a text message to 30890 will receive one of the following
          • Join (keyword): Registers the user to receive text and voice messages
          • Join (keyword) (email address): Registers the user to receive text, email, and voice messages
      • Comments (optional): Posts any comments that are made to a posting.
      • Text/SMS Options (optional): Allows you to control distribution of replies to text messages
    • Social Networks: Allows you to connect Facebook and Twitter accounts to the group.
      • Facebook Connection: Add as many accounts and pages as you would like
        • You have the option to not post to Facebook based on CivicReady post/
      • Twitter Connection: Add one Twitter account.
        • All messages sent from this group will post on the assigned Twitter account.
    • Call Settings - Call Throttling: Regulate the total speed that calls transmit from this group.
      • Note: You can use this feature for a group that transmits phone calls to a specific phone system. You would place the value or number of calls you wish to transmit per minute.
    • CSV/Database Integration - Processing Type (Optional)Controls the specific processing style you want this group to perform; see how each style works

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