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Creating and adding members to groups gives you the ability to direct your message to a specific audience.

CivicReady allows you to create as many groups you need with no limits, so that you can reach every person you need to.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select Create Group
  3. Fill in each field
    • Group Name: Type in a Group Name that you would like to use
    • Category: Choose a category for your group
    • Description:  This area allows you to describe what this group is being used for and will appear on the groups home page
    • Group Type: You have two choices for this area
      • Announcements Only: Only Group or Network Administrators are able to post to this group type
      • Open Discussion: Any member of the group can post and respond to messages in the group
    • Post Approval: Will have every posting approved by a Group Administrator before it is actually posted to the group members
    • Privacy: Who can see the group as listed on the main Group Page
      • Public: Anyone that has access to the Group page can see this group and Join it without any type of permission necessary
      • Private: Visible on the main Group page as well, but you must request permission to join this group
      • Secret: Hidden from the Main Group page unless you are a network administrator or one of the specific groups admin of this group, or already a group member
  4. Saving Options
    • Create Group: Will create the group you have requested and bring you to the Groups new home page
    • Save Group:  If approval is required, an email notification is then sent to the designated Network Administrator(s) to approve the group
  5. Please note that once a group is created you have many other custom settings that can be set. You would simply go to the setting page of the Group and you will see these options. 

Note: Groups can also be created using a CSV file or API's.

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