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Groups give you the ability to direct your message to a specific audience.

CivicReady allows you to create as many groups you need with no limits so that you can reach every person you need to.

Note: You can also create groups with CSV files or APIs.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select Create Group
  3. Fill in each field
    • Group Name: Type in a Group Name that you would like to use
      • Note: Group name cannot be changed once the group is created. If you need to change the group name, view our article Rename a Group After Creation.
    • Location: Select a location
    • Category: Choose a category for your group
    • Description: Provide a brief description of the group's purpose
    • Group Type:
      • Announcements Only: Only Group or Network Administrators are able to post to this group type
      • Open Discussion: Any member of the group can post and respond to messages in the group
    • Post Approval: Requires all posts to pass through admin approval
    • Privacy:
      • Public: Anyone that has access to the Group page can see this group and join it without any type of permission necessary
      • Private: Visible on the main Group page as well, but you must request permission to join this group
      • Secret: Hidden from the Main Group page unless you are a network administrator or one of the specific groups admin of this group, or already a group member
  4. Click Create Group at the bottom of the page
    • Note: Once you create a group, you have many other custom settings that can be set. You would simply go to Group Settings and you will see these options.

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