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The Email-In feature gives you the ability to send an email to post a message to one or multiple groups. Each group has a unique email address that can be found on the groups home page.


  1. Navigate to Groups
  2. Select desired group
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll to Email Settings
  5. Choose desired settings:
    • Send as TTS: All emails will post as calls as well (text-to-speech)
    • SMS/Text: All emails post as text messages as well (SMS)
    • Push Notifications: All emails sent will post in the CivicReady Alert Manager App
    • Facebook Post: All emails will post on Facebook profiles or pages
    • Alertus Alert: Emails sent to this group by authorized addresses will also be sent to the Alertus server
  6. Under Custom Email Options > Email Restrictions, select a restriction option
    • Restricted email in access: Allows users who are in the CivicReady database to email into groups based on the group's privacy settings
    • Unrestricted email in access: Allows users who are not in the CivicReady database to email into public groups freely with the exception of announcement only groups
      • Note: If you would like administrators approval for email-in posts (or any other post), check Disable this feature.
    • Disable this feature: Disables the ability to email into the group via the group email address completely
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page

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