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This article will show you how to create a Post.

Important Note

  • Available options/settings may change, depending on which Post MethodsSocial Media outlets, and Integrations you choose. 


  1. Click New Post
  2. Select your Post Method(s)
    • Email: Will send an email
    • Text/SMS: Will send a text message
    • Call (TTS (text-to-voice)/Voice): Will send a pre-recorded call
    • Alert Manager App: Will post a notification to the Alert Manager App
    • RSS Post: Will post on the RSS feed
    • Note: Your post options will vary based on the Post Methods that you choose.
  3. Select Social Media outlets to post to
    • Facebook: Will post to Facebook
    • Twitter: Will post to Twitter
  4. Choose to post to integrations, such as Beacon & Desktop
    • Note: Available integrations may vary from site to site.
  5. Choose Recipients (Locations, Groups, or choose via Map)
    • Select Regroup Locations: (Optional) Choose a location
    • Groups: (Optional) Choose group(s)
      • Note: You can click Select All to send to all groups.
      • Note: You must either choose a Location or Groups.
    • Phone Type: Select which phone type(s) will receive the message
      • Phone Types: Work, Home, Cell, Other
    • Show additional options: Click to select an unlimited amount of users
    • Select Phone Type
      • Work: Work phone
      • Home: Home phone
      • Cell: Cell/mobile phone
      • Other: Another type of phone
  6. Review your Sender information
    • Email From: Email address the email will send from
    • Email Reply-to: Email address that receives replies
    • Caller ID: Number that makes the phone call
    • Caller Name: Name of the owner of the Caller ID
  7. Create your Email and Text/SMS message(s) in Compose Message
    • Choose Template: If applicable, choose to apply a template
    • Subject: Create a subject heading
    • Email Message: Create email body content
    • Attach Files: Search, select, and upload files from your computer to attach to the email
    • Text (SMS) Message: See our article Send a Text/SMS Notification
      • Same as Email Message: Check this box to make the Text Message content the same as your Email content
    • Current Language:
      • Select Current Language: Select the primary language
      • Exclude these languages from translation: Select languages that users cannot translate into
  8. Create/choose your voice message for Calling options in Call
  9. Choose to either Save as a template or Schedule for later
    • Note: Schedule for later will present you with times/dates to send out the post.
  10. Choose to Preview the current version of the post
  11. Click Post when ready to send
  12. Click OK to confirm your post

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