Example: Noncritical Templates for Local Governments - Outages and Closings

Weather Closing 

Weather Closing @ [YOUR LOCATION]. Due to the inclement weather we will be closed on [DATE]. More info [YOUR URL]


  • Short and sweet, and fits any weather situation. Your sender does not need to “overthink” this one. Just grab the template and let it fly. Be sure to use a date stamp so there is no confusion as to when the closing is.


Power Outage

Power outage @ [YOUR LOCATION]. We are aware of a power outage. Repairs are underway. [DATE] [TIME] More info [YOUR URL]


  • This allows people to know where the issue is and that you know about it. It will cut down on calls of “Hey, is the power out?”. Date and time stamp to cut back on confusion.


Email/Network Outage

Email Outage [DATE] [TIME] [YOUR ORGANIZATION] email/network systems down. Techs are working towards a fix. More info [YOUR URL]


  • While it may not be “life or death,” an IT outage can be a real hassle and disrupt your organization for hours.
  • The number one problem during an IT outage is the fact that the IT department gets bombarded with phone calls: “Is email down?”… “Is the internet down?”…  “Are my emails gone?”… you’ll hear it all. Someone has to field those calls. That someone is usually the same IT professional who needs to fix the problem.
  • In order to further assist IT, send a quick note out to let folks know that you already know about the problem. It will help cut down on calls and let your team fix the problem.


Parking Lot Closed

Parking lot closed @ [LOCATION] [DATE] [TIME]. More info [YOUR URL]


  • The most important information in this template should be the location, date, and time of the parking lot closing. You can update when it will be open again and give further details about why it is closed on your website, or you can send out another message to say when it is open again. Short and sweet and leaves no room for confusion.

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