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CivicReady Whitelisting

Email Servers

This is a list of CivicReady Email servers to be whitelisted on your firewall and email system (if applicable).

It is very important that you have your Email Administrator or other IT Professional in your organization whitelist the following list of email IP addresses:

USA Servers:


Canadian Clients ONLY



  • Without these IP address whitelisted, your postings could be delayed.
  • In some cases, it is also required to open Port #25
  • Also, we would request that you modify your SPF record as follows, as that is also causing issues. This will help us in passing through strict SPF checks. text = "v=spf1 ip4:###.###.###.### ip4:###.###.###.### -all"


If you send email messages to public domains i.e. yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc they allow all inbound traffic into their email domain. However, government institutions use their own email server, normally ending in .gov, etc. When multiple accounts in the same domain receive emails, their email security is being attached or spammed and it will normally block incoming emails. When they add the IPs for CivicReady into their server firewall, they allow reception of multiple messages from CivicReady. 

IP Address whitelisting for clients with in-house email servers (MS Exchange servers, Postfix etc) <>:, (PRODUCTION SERVER)

SPF Record

When you send messages, you have the option to use our original email domain server information in the header (From email) ( or use one of your own email addresses ( When you use your own email to send from CivicReady, the other email server firewall flags the email as phishing. Since there is no record that they sent that email, it adds to our SPF record. This masks all emails that come from as and allows them into the firewall.

SPF Records for clients who use their own email address as sender
DNS TXT record
rails/ <>: DNS Record Type: TXT, Hostname: <>, Text: v=spf1 <> -all <>: DNS Record Type: TXT, Hostname: <>, Text: v=spf1 <> -all <>: DNS Record Type: TXT, Hostname: <>, Text: v=spf1 <> -all

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