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CivicReady allows you to set up adhoc email options at the Network level. This includes custom email settings such as "To", "From", "Reply to", "Footer", and "Subject Line Prefix". All Adhoc emails by default will have these settings. 

Ad-hoc email settings are those sent outside a pre-defined group structure. The Post page has three ad-hoc options:

  • Sending to individuals
  • Uploading a contacts file
  • Choosing via map mode

These are also applied to the automatically-generated NOAA weather alerts. API-generated email options are specified via API


  1. Navigate to Posts
  2. Select Post Settings on the left-hand side
  3. Scroll to Adhoc Email Options
  4. Enter in the information
    • To: Input a Name and Email Address as the sender information
    • From: Input a Name and Email Address for the recipient information
    • Reply To
      • Replies are sent to the author of the message: Original author directly receives replies
      • Use a custom reply-to email address: Input a different email address to receive replies
    • Subject Prefix: Choose to use no prefix, a default prefix, or a custom prefix
      • Note: A prefix is what is at the beginning of each subject line.
    • Footer: Choose to use no footer, a default footer, or a custom footer
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Save

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