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Group Notifications Preferences Overview


CivicReady gives you the ability to control your notifications on a group-by-group basis, depending on how your administrator sets up your group.

You can select your email frequency. By default, you will receive all sent messages. You may also have the ability to select a daily/weekly/monthly digest format.

When you choose the digest feature, you will not receive the notifications as they send but will receive a digest email that lists all the messages for the day/week/month. You can also choose None which will turn off all email notifications for that group. Unless the group settings are set to No Unsubscribes, in which case you cannot unsubscribe from email or set a digest setting.

You can control Text Notifications and Voice Alerts/TTS on a group by group basis as well. You can select the notification activation for voice and text.

If a group is a No Unsubscribe group, you cannot leave the group or unsubscribe from emails. For groups that are optional, you do have the ability to click the Leave Group icon. This will unsubscribe you from all alerts sent to this group.

You may also change your email/phone/address preferences.

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