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SMPP Protocol for Text/SMS Messages


CivicReady uses the SMPP Protocol exclusively when we send Text/SMS messages to our clients.

This allows us to not require any carrier information as we dial the cell phone directly from our phone bank and deliver the message directly to the cell phone itself.

SMPP Protocol

SMPP is a direct connection to carriers and provides instant delivery with Short Codes, which are exclusive assignments from us for our clients use.

In the past, we offered a standard SMTP Text/SMS service as well, but since 2013, we phased that service out and no longer use the SMTP protocol, as it requires us to connect to the cell phone carriers SMTP servers and this could, at times, cause delay issues or non-delivery of critical messages.

CivicReady commits to being a leader in the industry, and with that in mind, we now exclusively use the SMPP protocol service.

This allows us to ensure that any and all Text/SMS messages deliver to a cell phone or Text/SMS-enabled phone that has a signal. If the cell phone can receive a call, then it will receive the Text/SMS message.

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