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Some Canadian provinces have "passed legislation designed to protect private information from sweeping powers outlined in the U.S. Patriot Act, which compels American companies to turn over virtually any information that the U.S. government requests." This affects many public institutions in Canada.

CivicReady ensures that our Canadian clients' data is safe and in accordance with Canadian law:

  • For our Canadian customers, we host all data through a Canadian company (Peer 1) and only use servers in Canada. Because the company is Canadian, it is only subject to Canadian laws.
  • Because the data stores in Canada, it complies with the laws in Canada.

Canadian laws only require that the data hosts within Canada; they do not require that the company itself originates from Canada. Please see this CTV new article about how Canadian schools work with US companies. The solution has been to have US companies use Canadian servers. This article is about Nova Scotia, but the laws are similar in other provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia.
"The Nova Scotia legislature passed a law aimed at shielding information from the Patriot Act late last year. Under the provincial law, public bodies are largely prevented from storing any private electronic information in the United States. If they run afoul of the law, institutions can face fines of up to $500,000."
Dalhousie University - which lobbied against the legislation and argued that restrictions could adversely affect cross-border research - had to renegotiate contracts for some of its computing services and, in some cases, switch providers altogether.

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