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Use RSS Bot (Mac) for RSS Desktop Alerts


Feed Notifier configures Desktop Alerts. When you download this software, you can configure it to monitor any one of your CivicReady RSS feeds. The software will monitor the CivicReady RSS feed and once a message posts, the software will display a customizable pop-up window on any Mac computer.


  1. Download Feed Notifier to your Mac
    • Note: If you already have Feed Notifier on your Mac, open the program and skip to Step 3.
  2. Install the Software
  3. Navigate to the Add Feeds (+) option from your bottom toolbar
  4. Enter the URL for your CivicReady RSS feed group
  5. Click Next
  6. Change the Feed Title to your desired description
  7. Add any desired Filters
    • Note: Filters allow you to be notified only when a story contains one of the words or phrases that interests you.
  8. Click Save 
  9. Navigate to the General tab
  10. Select the settings of the RSS Bot
    • Start at login: Select to start the RSS Bot every time you log into your computer
    • Open with Readability: Open via the Readability accessibility option
    • Notification Sound: Select whether or not you want a notification sound, and if you do, what sound it should be
    • System Preferences: Select from various system preferences, which may vary
      • Note: Click Notifications to enter System Preferences and configure your notification settings.
      • Scroll to RSS Bot and select the way you want to receive notifications in the browser you use:
        • None: No desktop notifications
        • Banners: Notification at the top of your screen
        • Alerts: Notification to the side of your screen
        • Show notifications on lock screen: Show notifications without login required
        • Show in Notification Center: Notifications show in your sidebar
        • Badge app icon: Will show as a little notification circle on your application
        • Play sound for notifications: Sound will notify you
    • Auto Mark as Read: Automatically indicate new items as read after "x" amount of days
    • Status Icon Highlight: Choose to indicate unread items

Your feed should now be active. Once someone posts a message to the designated group, you will see the pop-up message appear on your desktop.

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