Welcome Message to Your Citizens


We recommend that you send a welcome message to your users as you launch your new CivicReady solution. This will encourage your users to stay signed up in the system so that they can prepare in case an emergency happens. This also helps validate the subscription to your users so they know the solution is related to your community.

Welcome Message Template

Subject: Welcome to CivicReady!



You have been added to the CivicReady emergency notification system, powered by Regroup. We will use this communication tool to send emergency notifications to our citizens. Visit [clientnetwork] to sign up for additional types of communication or change your profile preferences.

If you try to sign up and it says your email address is already in the system, simply type your email in the login section and click the forgot password link. This prompts you to enter your email where password reset instructions will be sent. You will then be able to login to your existing profile.

Thank you,

[City or County Administration]

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